Summerland Winery — where you want to go…

To have fun, to connect with old friends and to make new ones! Summerland Winery is a deliciously inviting wine tasting destination brimming with activity and adventure.

Join us in our tasting room, located near the beach in Summerland California, and start your journey into the enchantment of Santa Barbara wine country.

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Looking to experience the tastes of Summerland in your own home?

Join one of our unique clubs and have a minimum of three shipments a year delivered to your door. There’s never a membership fee, and you can invite up to three friends to enjoy complimentary tastings with you! You’ll also receive a 20% discount or more on all wine purchases and exclusive invitations to our special events!

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Join the adventure that is Summerland Wines. We go out of our way to throw parties you’ll talk about for years!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Dogs on a flatbed pickup

our dogs

Does your dog play well with others? If so, bring him or her along — we’re not only dog-friendly, we’re dog-obsessed!

Add your pooch to “Our Dogs” with a picture of him or her at our tasting room. If we include your 4-legged pal on our website, Fido just might fetch you something more than a bone; maybe you’ll win a bottle on us.

Our Dogs